This beautiful nature reserve Weltwald Freising is approx. 3km north-west of Freising. The easiest way to get there is by car or by bicycle if you are staying in the charming little town Freising.

This beautiful forest is getting more popular every year and is worth a visit, especially if you love nature and you are looking for a place with fewer tourists. The forest spreads over 100hectar, so there is a guarantee that other visitors won’t disturb you and you can admire these high trees and the blue sky.

They planted the first tree back in 1987, and since then there are over 400 pieces of trees.

So let’s jump in and see what is waiting for you.

Weltwald Freising

Few more words about Weltwald, Freising

This nature reserve Weltwald, Freising offers a magnificent collection of trees from all over the Northern Hemisphere, which is really impressive. The entire nature reserve splits into 3 original trails: North America, Europe, and Asia.

They designed these trails as loops and are connecting with each other. You can easily go on an expedition through the world and jump from one tree wonder to another one.

You will find Maple Trees, Oak Tree, Tulip Trees, Cedars, Japanese trees and much more. On every trail you can read about these different trees or the areas where you can find them. All the trails offer some highlights, as the Europe Garden, Botanikum or Asia Garden.

There are two parking lots for you, which can get quickly full. Please park in the designated parking lots.

Tip from us: If you want to enjoy Weltwald to its fullest beauty, get there before 10am over the weekend and when the weather is good.

Getting around in Weltwald Freising

Once you park your car, you will see a small gazebo where you can grab yourself a map and explore.

As already mentioned, the Weltwald Freising splits into 3 trails, on which we will have a closer look. You can either choose to walk the trails, which we recommend, or stay on the main path.

In the middle of the nature reserve you can see the small but beautiful St. Clemens church and the main gazebo displaying an exhibition of Forest, comparison of forest industry in Germany and in the USA.

You can always scan a QR code from displaying boards to read more interesting information.

You can also see goats behind a small fence in the summer. They belong to the german nature reserve authorities. You are welcome to look at them but keep your distance. Don’t feed them.

This nature reserve is a great place for families with kids. Stay on the designated path/trail and don’t take pieces of the forest with you back home. Remember, there are more visitors and we share the road.

Dogs are allowed on a leash. Well, you can let them run without a leash as long as you have your dog under control. Just make sure your dog doesn’t run away and doesn’t bother other visitors.

Are you ready to explore the trails? Every trail has also its own color so you always know on which trail you are walking.

Asia Trail / Middle and East Asia

An orange color marks this trail, and it is the shortest one. Only 750 meters long and takes approx. 15min to walk around.

This trail offers really exotic tree species, which is really amazing to see them growing in Europe.

To the highlight, a red Japanese pagoda, you can either get through a red moon gate or walk over a small bridge. This area is a sensational place to relax, enjoy a view over the small pond or over the grass field.

Are you looking for an outside morning place for your yoga or to meditate? This is the place where you can do it! Absolutely amazing.

The trail is short but fabulous; it offers additional tiny loops on this trail so you can even experience more of Asia nature beauty.

Europe Trail

A blue color marks this trail, and it is about 2500 meters long and takes approx. 50min to walk around.

You will find common trees from Europe, but it is still interesting. As by the Asia trail, also here you can add a loop to this trail which we encourage you to do.

The highlight of this trail is a Botanikum and right next to it the European Garden. An amazing and quiet place to admire beautiful flowers. The European Garden is the highest point of Weltwald Freising. They designed this European Garden as an old European castle standing right on the top of a hill surrounded by water.

Only here, instead of a castle, you will find five oak trees which will grow so high one day that they will reach in one big tree top. Of course, in many years ahead.

And that is the symbol of an European castle, isn’t it just magnificent?

Welt Wald Freising North America Trail

North America Trail

A red color marks this trail, and the trail splits in two parts. The first part is approx. 1000 meters long and takes around 20min to walk around. The second part is approx. 1400 meters long and takes around 30min to walk.

This is by far the most favorite trail and once you will walk there you will feel like walking in the Rocky Mountains.

You can admire a maple tree, giant sequoia, beautiful pine trees and much more.

The trail will bring you to the middle of the nature reserve, where you can take a break and enjoy yourself.

The highlight of this trail is an “Indian Village” which is actually a playground for kids. They can explore tepee houses and play around. Of course, a totem pole is not missing this area. It is so much fun to be there.

While your kids can play in an Indian Village, you can enjoy some pleasant picnic. There are a few benches to sit but so many grass fields to sit down and relax.

You should know before you visit Weltwald Freising

The nature reserve is ideal for anyone who enjoys nature. It is a peaceful nature reserve, which offers a lot. You will enjoy the time there and admire all the surrounding beauty.

Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes, bring something to drink or eat if you plan to stay longer.

There is no restaurant or restroom, so make sure you will not leave any footprints in the forest and please take your garbage back with you. Be kind to the nature and to the other visitors.

The best time of year to visit is spring and autumn. In spring everything blooms, birds are singing and everything is turning green. Autumn offers all kinds of colors, especially the North America trail.

Summer is also a nice to explore but be aware of mosquitos and horseflies. It gets very unbearable and we actually don’t go there when they appear.

You will also find wooden art on a couple of spots which correspondents with the theme of Weltwald Freising.

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We hope our brief introduction of Weltwald Freising inspires you to visit this beautiful nature reserve.

If you are planning a trip to Bavaria, but you still want to see a hidden gem, then this area is a must-see. Our charming little town is just picturesque, it offers great dining and cafes. Do we have to mention german bakeries delicious bread?

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  1. Looks like an awesome place for walks. First time I hear about this, despite the fact that I grew up in this part of Bavaria and lived in Munich for many years. The giant sequoias would be my favourites I think. Thanks for sharing. Will aim to visit when in the area.

  2. It is a great place for walks indeed! Before COVID even most locals didn’t know much about the Weltwald. The narrow trails through the American part of the forest are our favorites too. We are glad we could inspire you for your next visit of the region!

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