Here are some Sydney Best Attractions you should not miss, especially if you are a first time traveller.

Welcome to Sydney, one of the most livable cities in the World. What is the Sydney Best Attractions? That must be Sydney itself – being here and seeing Sydney is a dream come true for many travelers. You will get plenty of jealous comments from your friends when you tell them you have seen Sydney.

Sydney is the biggest and most visited city in Australia, but it is not the capital city. The capital city of Australia is Canberra.

Very cosmopolitan city surrounded by wonderful beaches, spectacular coastline, lots of parks and many attractions. You don’t want to miss – that is Sydney.

Before you head to Sydney, check our Australia Travel Tips, which we have put together for you and basing on our experience. It is always nice to be in Sydney.

What we really love about Sydney is, you can easily walk to most of the major attractions. Walk around The Royal Botanic Garden, pass Sydney Opera House and head to Harbour Bridge. You can even cross the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge by foot and visit Luna Park, nearby the North Sydney Olympic Pool. And exploring the City Center by walk, known as CBD (central business district) is actually the best way to see it all!

#1 Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a fantastic location in the heart of Sydney that has something for everyone.

It is approx. 10 Minutes walk from CBD and very easy to reach. There are various accommodation options and many restaurants and bars.

You can hop aboard a Sydney Harbour Cruise, visit an Australian National Maritime Museum or if you are interested in wildlife, then don’t miss: WILD LIFE SYDNEY Zoo or Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. These are significant activities for a family or for a rainy day in Sydney.

Right on the opposite side from Sea Life there is the Harbourside Shopping Center. It is overlooking the city, so it guarantees iconic views. You will find great dining and fun shopping experience.

When you are through with all the fun activities, have a glass of wine in one of the waterfront restaurants or grab a cup of flat white.

Once you have enjoyed Darling Harbour, start walking north towards The Rocks.

#2 The Rocks

The Rocks quarter is on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour and is an urban locality. As a historic area of Sydney’s city centre, it attracts tourists very much. You can enjoy wandering through the streets, have some pleasant drink in Australia’s oldest pubs.

There are markets, museums, and galleries set into the streets of The Rocks.

The most iconic attractions of The Rocks are Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

#3 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Who doesn’t know these two iconic attractions of Sydney? They are the best attractions you don’t want to miss while in Sydney. They are sitting beautifully in the harbour, looking at each other and seeking for your attention.

It doesn’t matter if you will stand there for the first time or your 10th time, you will always feel special and that feeling you will never forget. It is just so spectacular and it doesn’t get old.

Sydney Harbour Bridge carries trains, cars, bicycles and pedestrian traffic between Sydney CBD and North Shore. The view of the bridge, harbour and Sydney Opera House is being recognized as the iconic image of Sydney.

You can easily walk over the bridge and visit Luna Park on the other side of the bridge. Just do not underestimate the distance. It takes time to cross, but the views are just spectacular.

If you are up to for some challenge, you can climb the bridge with Bridgeclimb Sydney. We have not done it yet, as Teri fears heights! Yes, this is definitely not for people who fear heights. You can choose from different tours and we bet they all are to remember. We have a couple of friends who have done it, and they can absolutely recommend it. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know about your experience.

#4 Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is easy to reach from the bridge. Just keep walking towards the harbour and pass Circular Quay, where you can hop on a ferry and go to Manly.

I officially opened it in 1973 and is one of the most popular attractions in Australia. There is no secret that it has been built by a danish architect, who won the international design competition.

In 1997 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we understand why. It is an iconic building which deserves all your attention. You will see lots of people meeting there for an after-work drink.

Right next to Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden is located.

#5 The Royal Botanic Garden

This is Sydney’s best attractions you should not miss!

I must admit this is our absolutely favorite location in Sydney. It offers stunning views over Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney CBD.

The Royal Botanic Garden is where local Sydneysiders and visitors come to relax. It is open every day of the year and access is free.

There are signs encouraging you to walk on the grass, touch the trees, smell the flowers, so please do so! This oasis in the city’s heart is your opportunity of slowing down and enjoying the moment of being in Sydney.

Do you want to feel like a local while in Sydney? Put on your walking/running shoes and hit the self-guided The Domain Running Trail. It will amaze you, who many people work out no matter what is their fitness level. So why not to join them? Plus, the views are just so stunning that you will not regret of getting out there.

#6 City Center

Sydney Central Business District aka CBD is spreading from Circular Quay through the City Center to Chinatown and Haymarket. And from Darling Harbour to Royal Botanic Garden, Australian Museum and Hyde Park.

You will find plenty of possibilities for dining, small bars, great galleries or museums and shopping. You will see modern architecture meeting with old buildings like Sydney Town Hall.

Sydney Town Hall is a late 19th century heritage listed building. The steps of The Town Hall are a popular meeting place in Sydney.

Visit Hyde Park, which is Australia’s oldest park. It is a quiet heaven in the middle of the bustling city center, with many notable features. One feature is ANZAC Memorial Building in the southern section. The park contains around 580 trees: a mix of figs, conifers, palms and other beautiful trees.

Head to Sydney Tower Eye, which is 250m high observation deck with a guarantee of gorgeous views over the entire city. If the weather is good, you can even see the Blue Mountains.

#7 Manly

If you are up for a day trip, then do not miss a trip to Manly. The best way to travel to Manly is to get on the ferry in Circular Quay and enjoy the 30min ride with superb views.

Manly has cosmopolitan vibes, yet it offers great coastal vibes and is a gateway to Sydney’s Northern Beaches. You will find great cafes, cool bars and great surfing shops.

Manly is a magnificent spot to learn surf. You can also rent a bicycle and discover hidden harbour coves and beaches.

There are picnic tables on the site of the promenade, so what about sitting down and enjoy your takeaway fish&chips?

Great way to explore Manly is hiking. We can recommend the North Head Sanctuary walk, which is approx. 10km peaceful walk. It will take you through North Head Sanctuary, all the way to Fairfax Lookout.

It offers beautiful views with plenty of stops to take magnificent pictures. And keep your eyes open, you might even spot some whales.

Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes, a hat, sunscreen and take a bottle of water.

#8 Bondi Beach

It is the most famous beach in the entire World. Who didn’t hear about Bondi Beach, right?

Okay, while you are in Sydney, visit Bondi Beach. It only takes approx. 30min from City Center by train or bus. There are plenty of activities you can do: walking, whale watching, surfing, shopping and many more.

Don’t forget to visit Bondi Icebergs Pool, which is ocean pool with a long tradition of swimming. It is managed by the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club. They established the club in 1929 and became one of Australia’s most famous Winter Swimming Clubs.

Do you know rule “15B”? To become an Iceberg, you must compete on three Sundays out of four for five years: 75 swims over a minimum of 5years.

What about some walking? The Bondi to Coogee Walk is a popular coastal walk offering beautiful coastline views, cosy beaches and cafe strips for refueling.

It is six kilometres long and takes about two hours to complete at a good pace. But do not rush, make breaks, get some nice cold drink or a relaxed coffee. You can finish with a swim at Coogee Beach.

The walk is simple to medium, with a steep section and quite a few steps. As always, don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, and some water. Let’s have fun.

#9 Love Sydney

Sydney is spotless and cosmopolitan city and it offers so much. Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbour in the World. The beautiful coastline, great food scene, delicious coffee make Sydney to the top cities in the World.

There is always something going on, just check the cultural calender and choose what you prefer.

The location of Sydney gives you opportunities for great day trips or a weekend getaway.

We recommend you to spend a few days in Sydney and take it easy. Walk around, sit down, have a cup of coffee, grab something nice to eat. If you like to visit a museum or galleries. Go with the flow.

We absolutely love Sydney and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

For now, we hope these tips will help you plan your trip. If you would like any advice, send us an email. We will gladly assist you.

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We are looking forward to hear from you.

With love, Tereza and Felix

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