G’day! It is our pleasure to have you on our Walkabout Dream travel blog.

Who is behind Walkabout Dream?

Behind this blog are Tereza and Felix, an ordinary couple with big dreams, who love their dog Buddy and working towards their walkabout dream. Starting with this walkabout dream travel blog.

Our intention with this blog is to get out of the safety of the comfort zone. We want to share our travel stories, to pass on useful tips. Finally, to inspire you. Because if we can do it, so can you.

Open-minded and cosmopolitan cultures are our daily business, as Teri was born and raised in the Czech Republic. Felix is German, born and raised in Berlin. To our diverse family backgrounds, we work at the airport and love the airport life style. Although we spend a lot of our time at the airport, butterflies in our stomach appear every time when we fly away. We are proud airline staff – luckily we work for two different airlines. Obviously we benefit from cheaper travel rates, but it isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

We enjoy walking and recharge in nature, especially with our dog Buddy.

Our buddy is German pinscher and Labrador mix dog and we could not wish for a better one. He is not just a dog to us. He became a valuable family member and follows us everywhere. We do not take him with us when we travel by plane. To lock him in a cargo hold is just something we won’t do. Hey, we don’t judge anyone who does it. So meanwhile we are on vacation, he can enjoy his vacay at this beautiful and luxury dog resort. What a dog’s life!


You are probably wondering, why do we call ourselves Walkabout Dream? That is absolutely simple once you know the meaning:

Walkabout is a rite of passage in Australian Aboriginal society, during which males undergo a journey during adolescence. 


Our biggest dream, which we never get bored by talking about it, is to travel from coast to coast – across Australia. We do not wish to work there. We wish is to receive a one year travel visa and rent a camper. Traveling through this beautiful continent is our goal. How do we motivate us for this dream to happen? First the beautiful coastline. Second, the delicious food and even more delicious wine. Have you tried some good Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon yet? Third, the friendly people. And finally, the unforgettable adventure. The dream will come true, one day!

As you can see, Australia has a big part in our heart. The more we travel, the more we love the Land Down Under.

Meanwhile, we will go on different and shorter walkabout journeys and would love to take you with us.

So buckle up and prepare for takeoff. We are ready!

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Tereza & Felix