Perth Travel Guide

Welcome to our Perth Travel Guide. Perth is one of the most isolated city in the world. Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia.

Here are some facts, why is Perth considered one of the most isolated city:

  • the nearest city with population over 100 000 is Adelaide (South Australia) which is 2,100 km (1,305 mi) away from Perth
  • Sydney is 3,300 km (2,100 mi) far away
  • Jakarta (Indonesia) is only 3,000 km (1,900 mi) far away

Location of Perth makes it easier and quicker to travel to Bali then fly to to east coast of Australia. A flight from Perth to Brisbane takes 4hours.

Western Australia, relaxing vibes all around you

Are you planning to travel to Australia for your first time and you are not sure if visit east or west coast? Our advice would be to visit both! Australia is not just around the corner and you should not miss Sydney. Check our guide to Sydney here.

If you are looking for a beautiful coastline, turquoise blue water, great food and wine, relaxing and chilling vibes start your trip in Western Australia.

It is not as busy as the east coast, but there is so much to explore and you will actually relax every day even though if you need to hit the road and explore this beautiful continent.

We will try to show you through this Perth Travel Guide how relaxing Western Australia can get.

Have you been to Australia already? Have you heard stories about Western Australia? Well, forget them. Western Australia has so much to offer and everyone will find the perfect holiday. There is just something for everyone.

Love at the first sight

We travelled to Perth back in 2017 for the first time, and it was a love at first sight. We always plan our long holiday at the beginning of the year and we were not sure where to go in 2017.

Teri just said, “Let’s go to Western Australia. I think we will love it.” She was so right. We landed in the evening, went for a walk, and shocked at how quiet the city was.

Only later did we learn that most of the people come for their job to Perth and live in the near suburbs. So the city gets pretty empty in the evening or over the weekend. Keep that in mind when you plan your trip to Perth.

Next morning we woke up fresh (we cope with the jet lag pretty well when we travel from west to east) and went to explore this clean city. We were slowly but surely falling for Perth. Later on, our love expanded for the whole Western Australia.

Keep reading our Perth Travel Guide Perth, as we will tell you what you should definitely see and do in Perth.

Perth Travel Guide

#1 Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Hello Perth, Hello Beautiful Perth.

Yes, this is the place where you will get spectacular views over Perth’s CBD and Swan River. Kings Park is rich in Aboriginal and European history, it offers beautiful walks, and interesting displays. It is one one of the world’s largest inner city parks and definitely the most beautiful we have seen so far.

So easy to get there by foot; it is within a walking distance from CBD. No need of using public transportation when you stay in CBD.

You can spend the entire day walking around, enjoying the views from the hill, or just sit down and have a picnic. Why not to slow down and enjoy your stay. If you visit between July and October, you can marvel at the beautiful display of blooming wildflowers and unique WA flora.

Remember to hit the Kings Park early in the morning or in the evening to get stunning pictures of CBD at sunrise or at sunset. Why not visit at both times?

#2: Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is a development project located right on the north shore of Swan River. When you walk around CBD, you can not miss this spot. Walk down toward the water and there we come.

You can visit The Bell Tower, where you will learn a bit about the history of this place and why it is so important to Perth.

Walk around, take a dozen of pictures and cross over the Elizabeth Quay Bridge. If you get tired, hungry or just thirsty, there are plenty of restaurants or cafes. Sit down, order some flat white or glass of wine and enjoy the view you will get. It is a spectacular place with very cool vibes.

#3 Perth Downtown

Sorry to disappoint you, but Perth downtown is quite small and you can see it all within a day. Everything is in a walking distance, so wear your comfy shoes. When we walked around, we did not expect to see the difference between rich and poor. Yes, unfortunately, like everywhere in the World, you can see quite a lot homeless people. It is sad and hard, as it sounds, but it is the reality you can feel in Perth.

We didn’t have any unpleasant experience with it, except you notice that kind of the difference.

Perth is a beautiful and clean city. You will see tall buildings built in the old buildings. It is just magical when you walk and you see the old and modern buildings around you.

You should walk to Hay street, which is a pedestrian zone and you can do some proper souvenir shopping.

What you don’t want to miss is a magical street called London Court. It is between Hay St Mall and St Georges Terrace in the heart of Perth’s CBD. It was built in 1937 by a wealthy gold financier for residential and commercial purposes.

This unique architectural style brings a taste of Europe to Perth. It makes you feel like in Harry Potter Wonderland. So magical, so special, so worth a visit.

We also visited The Perth Mint, which is Australia’s largest fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise, providing premium gold, silver and platinum products and services to markets throughout the world. You will learn pleasant things about gold and you can also purchase some gold.

#4 The Riverside

We always recommend slowing down in Australia and try to do and see things like locals would do. So it is absolutely okay if you will not plan every minute of your trip.

The Riverside area in Perth is beautiful, with magnificent views. It is very inviting to either sit down, go for a walk, or ride a bicycle like locals do.

You know what locals also do? They do sport outside! Okay, sport might not be the thing you want to do on your holiday, but try it out.

There is what we did. We took our running shoes and went for a run (very slow one) in Langley Park (right next to Elizabeth Quay) and we even tried the Jacobs Ladder, which are 242 stairs! And you know what it the best part? There were plenty of locals doing the same! At any level of their fitness.

We felt truly like locals!

#5 Swan River

The Swan River creates a stunning contrast against the skyline of Perth CBD. You can walk or ride a bicycle along or sit down and enjoy picnic overlooking the beautiful skyline of CBD.

There are plenty of water activities if you are interested. From sailing, windsurfing to kayaking.

You can also book a tour and explore the Swan River and the wineries of Swan Valley.

#6 Beaches around Perth

Perth is all about beautiful beaches. Let me rephrase it. Western Australia is all about beautiful beaches. And this is the best part, it only takes 20mins from CBD and you are at beach.

All right, what might be good for you is to rent a car for a day and drive around because you want to see it! Yes, you want!

We haven’t seen all the beaches around Perth. We mention only the ones we visited in our Perth Travel Guide:

  • Scarborough Beach – this is our FAVOURITE BEACH and we are in love with the place. The promenade is full of restaurants, cafes and surf shops which makes it a brilliant spot for locals and visitor. Beautiful blue water and white sand – a dream destination!
  • City Beach – only 15minutes drive from CBD. Enjoy your dip in the ocean and grab fish and chips after wards. There is a huge lifesaving club.
  • Port Beach – it may not be as picturesque as the other beaches, but it is close to Fremantle. So when you finish with exploring Fremantle, head there and swim around.
  • Cottesloe Beach – s one of Perth’s most iconic spots for a dip. It is like the Bondi of Western Australia.

As already mentioned, all the beaches are beautiful. Remember, around 14 o’clock the winds arrive and it the beach is not as comfortable as you wish for. Keep in mind, the sun is strong and wear a sunscreen. Read our Australia Travel Tips for more.

#7 Fremantle

Fremantle aka Free (locals call it like that) is a buzzing, progressive little city full of historic charm. It is also a major port of WA, and Fremantle Harbour is the entrance point for the many ships and ferries.

When you get there, don’t miss:

  • Fremantle Market – a great place to shop. It is also one of the best places to purchase authentic street food.
  • Fremantle Prison – listed as UNESCO World Heritage. You can book one of many tours they offer.

What we enjoy most about visiting Freo are the relaxing vibes and street food. To finish a day in one of these cosy restaurants and cafes and to enjoy a happy hour and delicious food is a dream of your vacation.

Freo also offers a ferry to Rottnest Island. So make sure you get there and spend a night or two there.

#8 Rottnest Island

The last stop of our Perth Travel Guide must be Rottnest Island, aka Rotto. It is an island getaway popular for Australians and visitors from all over the World. Rotto is only 19km off the coast of Fremantle. You can discover the island on a day trip or make it a stop for at least a one night!

We made the mistake to go there for a day trip and were so sad to leave. So definitely spend a night at Rotto.

Remember that Rotto is a reserve and there are almost no cars on the island. So in order to get there, you need to book a ferry in advance. Plan and book ahead as they are usually fully booked.

Why to visit Rotto?

  • It offers 63 beaches where you can dip in clear crystal blue water
  • Snorkel around and explore the coral reefs.
  • Rent a bicycle and explore the island which is easy and fun.
  • and the FAMOUS QUOKKA lives here.

Quokka is a cute animal, which earned a reputation on the internet as “the world’s happiest animals” and symbols of positivity because of their beaming smiles. It is a short-tailed scrub wallaby and they are quite small, 40-54cm long.

In 1696, a Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamigh named them “Rotte Nest” (rats’ nest) mistaking these adorable animals for giant rats.

Quokka selfie has become a popular social media trend, including celebrities like Roger Federer. So it is your time to get one.

Perth is considered as the sunniest capital city

Perth has not only amazing weather, blue skies and perfect beaches. There is also thriving art, culture, and festival scene. It offers incredible bars and restaurants that feature local produce.

We easily do the rule of slowing down in Perth. No matter where you stay, CBD or Beach Side. You will have an amazing time for sure.

We consider Western Australia our second home. It has everything what we need and what makes us happy: brilliant weather, beaches, crystal blue water, friendly people, spectacular views, beautiful fauna and flora. Great food scene and delicious wine.

There is so much to do, and we can not wait to come back.

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